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Integrated Partnership - Event Marketing

Using key partnership for business growth is a proven strategy. By integrating EdInsight with IEP Writer, a dominate PA education software company, OHS hoped to reach potential customers. Solidifying the integration and the partnership with potential customers meant golden opportunities. Here's what I did.

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Business Need

OHS formed a partnership with another very strong, PA-focused educational software company, IEP Writer. Since they share many of the same customers, the two organizations have worked to further integrate the two systems. OHS wanted communicated that fact to both customers and non-customers.


Getting the message out to their customers about the integration of the company’s products could be fairly easily accomplished for OHS. Successfully reaching non-customers would prove much more difficult without help from IEP Writer.

Marketing Concept

OHS was invited to attend and participate in the IEP Writer spring focus group meetings. The meetings are well attended by IEP Writer customers and would provide an ideal way for OHS to drive home the integration between the products.

I created a logo to promote the partnership of the two companies for the event.

partnership event logo

I created an email that was sent out to all contacts in Pennsylvania. The email strongly focused on the integration and invited the recipient to register for the focus group meetings. The rest of the process, including registration and additional notification was handled by IEP Writer.

Marketing Collateral

Email Notification

The strong tie between IEP Writer and OHS was the primary message conveyed.

Email Design

Building Leaders Bulletin small
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Email Subject Line:
IEPWriter & EdInsight Information Sharing

Sent: April 14, 2016 2:00 pm

Delivery Rate90.4%
Open Rate26.4%
Click to Open Ratio2.7%


The combined focus group meetings went very well. OHS received more than a dozen leads from the event and converted at least one into a customer.