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Customer Retention - Event Marketing

You're an educator. The Fourth of July fireworks have barely faded. How would like to come learn about a software product that you already have but are not using very often? It was a tough concept to sell, but I packed the event with customers. Here's how.

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Camp EdInsight

One Day Summer Camp for Educators

Business Need

OHS wanted to drive further adoption of their product suite in order to boost usage and customer retention. The event was scheduled to occur over summer vacation in an Allegheny County school and draw customers from the largest geographic user base.


The primary concern was driving attendance to the event. Recent customer educational events had relatively low attendance and required individual calls to key contacts to produce those results. OHS needed to create marketing that would drive attendance without requiring substantial resources. The question was, if we build it, would they come?

Marketing Concept

I was looking for a concept that would make the day seem fun, like SUMMER CAMP.
Make it fun, like Meatballs

With lower than desired attendance at previous events, the marketing team decided that the upcoming event needed to appeal to the customer base. Not only did it need to appear educational, but it also needed to seem fun. With that, I elected to brand the event around summer camp but still tie the name to the product for customer recognition. Camp EdInsight it was.

Marketing materials would play up the idea that (just like summer camp) attendees would meet new people, have some fun, maybe win an award and even leave with a little more knowledge than when they arrived. We even would refer to attendees as Campers.

Marketing Collateral

Email Notification

An initial email invitation was sent to all school personnel at customer districts in Allegheny and the surrounding counties in Southwestern PA. The email provided an introduction to Camp EdInsight, the basic agenda and a link to register and view more information on the website.

Email Design

Camp EdInsight Email small
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Email Subject Line:
Calling All Campers

Sent: June 29, 2016 11:55 AM

Delivery Rate96.45%
Open Rate14.06%
Click to Open Ratio2.75%

Social Posting

In addition to email, we used social media to promote Camp EdInsight on both Facebook and Twitter. We even had the event retweeted for us on Twitter.

Facebook Posting

Camp EdInsight Promotion on Facebook

Twitter Posting

Camp EdInsight Promotion get Re-Tweeted on Twitter


The OHS website served as the primary landing page for all materials. On the page provided additional information and permitted Campers to register.

Website Landing Page

Camp EdInsight Website Landing Page


Close to 100 Campers registered for Camp EdInsight. Many stated that they planned on bringing additional Campers with them.