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Building Customer Usage - Newsletter Marketing

Customers had the product at their fingertips, but were not using it. Feedback identified a lack of time and knowledge on when to use the software. Make it easy for the user to know when and how to use the software, and tell them in a new monthly newsletter.

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Building Leaders Bulletin

Customer Retention through Increased Usage

Business Need

School administrators felt that they did not know how to get the best use out of OHS’s products. As a result the product suite was not used as often or optimally as it could. The situation was a customer retention risk.


Creating the resource that would allow building leaders to better use OHS tools was a challenge. The real challenge though, was making sure that the resource would be timely and user friendly enough to get building leaders to actually use it. It needed to help solve the issues immediately facing building leaders.

Marketing Concept

The Building Leaders Bulletin was designed to initially appeal to Pennsylvania school administrators.

OHS elected to create a monthly newsletter that would speak to principals about their current issues. Each month two newsletters would be published: one for high school principals and another for grades K-8. The product was named the Building Leaders Bulletin (BLB).

OHS used one of their educator consultants, a retired high school principal who used the products extensively, to write the content. I would then take the content and create web pages that would host the content. Educators would receive a monthly email letting them know that new bulletins have been posted.

Marketing Collateral

Email Notification

An email was drafted and sent to all Principals, Assistant Superintendents and Superintendents in customer school districts. The email introduced them to the BLB, and promised help with one of their most pressing needs, evaluating the results from state tests.

Email Design

Building Leaders Bulletin small
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Email Subject Line:
How to Analyze your New PSSA and Keystone Scores

Sent: July 5, 2016 11:30 AM

Delivery Rate92.10%
Open Rate22.94%
Click to Open Ratio30.22%


The OHS customer website hosted the web pages.

Website Landing Page

View the Page

Website Landing Page

View the Page


The initial BLB mailing was well received by educators. OHS received feedback saying that the topics were timely and very helpful in analyzing test scores.