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Legitimizing a New eCommerce Website

A potential customer finds a great deal on your new eCommerce website. They don't know you. Trust has yet to build. How do you bridge that trust?

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Creating Customer Confidence

The Problem

An ecommerce website offered tremendously low prices. Because it was a new website, customers were not confident that it was a legitimate business. I even discovered that the website was getting a fair bit of search traffic contained the word "scam" in it. Potential customers were concerned that website was a scam.

The Solution

We needed to raise the level of confidence in potential customers. To solve the issue we took on multiple plans.


In order to alleviate the concerns around the searches for scam, we created a landing page that focus on the brand term and the phrase scam. The page was optimized for search engines, so it would appear at the top of search rankings. On that page we detailed exactly how the website came upon the product. We alleviated customer concerns by educating them on the business model.

We knew that more savy customers would check third party websites for reviews. We encouraged the customers that we had to post reviews on third party websites. Many were happy to do so.

Name recognition was important to us. We increased our emphasis on social media, especially Facebook. During the course of the year, we took on high profile advertising opportunities, culminating with a product giveaway on the Dr. Phil Show's holiday gift guide episode.

The Results

The results were that searches that included the word "scam" in it decreased from a high of 513 in one month to 22 searches ten months later. The chart below shows monthly the number of times a search phrases that included the term "scam" led a visitor to the website. The time frame runs from February 2010 through December 2011.

graph showing the number of phrases containing the word scam