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Converting Web Traffic into Actionable Leads

Converting website traffic into business leads, that's what every company wants. Figuring out who those leads are and exactly what they are interested in is a challenge. Here is how I turned traffic into $42 million dollars of new business.

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Generating Leads

The Problem

Web traffic was up, but web generated leads were not proportionally up. The sales funnel could never have enough opportunities. For the first time I was tasked with a goal of having the website produce a quantified value of leads per year. The website had never before reached that goal.

I was certain that the additional traffic was bringing in targeted companies who were exploring our services, but I needed to show it and turn it quickly into leads.

Panning for Gold

The Solution

To discover which companies were legitimate targets showing interest our services, I turned to a software solution. The software tracked companies visiting the website. I could instantly see that targets were on the website. I could see which pages they viewed, and develop a theory of the services in which they were interested.

Only providing the sales team with the best opportunities was vital. It brought buy-in.

Turning the data into actionable information became an issue. With traffic swelling, individuals at targeted companies visited the website for many reasons. The data needed analyzed. I began to provide sales teammates with only the most relevant visits.

The Results

Sales teammates were unsure initially and wanted additional information including the visitors name (which was difficult to discover). By the end of the business year, 22 companies that were identified became potential opportunities and grew into actual business opportunities. That is pretty good considering that each opportunity would likely lead to millions of dollars in profits.

One particular company had been marketed to the previous Autumn. They showed no interest at the time. I discovered their visit to the website in February, and passed on the information to the Inside Sales department. By the end of March this was a hot lead. The deal was signed was before the Fourth of July, and additional opportunities were placed into the sales pipeline.

Panning for Gold

That year the website was identified as the source of $42 million in new business. By June 1st it had already met the financial goals, and the site finished the year more than doubling it's revenue challenge. It was a good year.