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Success comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a KPI shifting in the desired direction and other times it’s a well-earned victory. The following success stories provide an idea of the challenges I undertake and the results experienced. All relate in some way to what I do professionally, although they don’t all present work situations.

Internal Communication -
Building a Useful Intranet

The Intranet was a disaster. Few could access it and no one used it. And, there was no funding for a solution. Discover how a new Intranet was built and used.

Generating Leads -
Converting Web Traffic into Actionable Leads

Figuring out who is visiting your visitors and what they are interested in is a challenge. Here is how I turned traffic into $42 million dollars of new business.

Brand Recognition -
Viral Marketing of a Political Candidate

How do you develop brand recognition? How do that when the brand is person? I know the answer, because I was the brand. See how viral marketing brought me victory.

Customer Confidence -
Legitimizing a New eCommerce Website

A potential customer finds a great deal on your new eCommerce website. They don't know you. Trust has yet to build. How do you create that trust?

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